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Travel & Art Auction
Now - Oct 4, 11:00 AM CDT


Connecting for Our Kids is a group of individuals and organizations joining together (connecting) to support three camps for children.  The selected camps serve children of Louisiana.


Connecting For Our Kids is a fund of the Northshore Community Foundation (NCF) an organization described by I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3) as a nonprofit organization that is exempt from federal income tax and to which contributions may be tax deductible in whole or in part as a charitable contribution. The federal tax identification number of the Foundation is

61-1517784 and therefore, it is the tax identification number of donations made to the Connecting for Our Kids Fund, NCF.

With the help of many volunteers, we have raised $5000 for the camps through donations and our craft sale.  A very sincere thank you goes out to all volunteers who helped in many ways to make crafts, help set up and run our shops last Saturday.  Will you help us increase this amount by spreading the word about our Online Travel and Art Auction.  Can you help us triple this amount?


Camp I'm Still Me

Camp I’m Still Me, where burn victims experience a weeklong overnight camp, is administered by the Baton Rouge General Hospital Burn Unit and fully endorsed and supported by many volunteers. These volunteers include many members of the Firefighters of Louisiana Association. The camp where children who have survived traumatizing burn injuries, are provided at no cost to the campers or their families, and all medical treatments and regimens needed by any child during this camp are covered.

Art Class

Krewe de Camp

Krewe de Camp, for children with disabilities, is an overnight camp at Fountainebleau State Park. Fully staffed by volunteers, this camp experience is an overnight camp, FREE OF CHARGE, for children (6 – 18 years old) and adults (18 years and older) with cerebral palsy or other developmental disabilities. Each camper is paired with one or two high school volunteers who assist them with their day-to-day activities. All high school volunteers are aided by adults with several years of camp service.

Royal Family KIDS Camp

Royal Family KIDS Camp, for children in the Foster Care system, is a 5 day camp at no cost to the camper or their caregiver.  Royal Family Kids is a national nonprofit organization.  Each of the 250 chapters across North America and 12 countries partners with a local church to provide intervention programs and advocacy for child victims of family induced trauma.

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Our Travel and Art Auction

Bid on some great gifts for yourself and others and support “our children”.  Connecting for Our Kids supports camps for children: Camp Catahoula and I’m Still Me for burn victims, Krewe de Camp for children with developmental disabilities and Royal Family Kids Camp for abused and Foster Care children. 


Auction site address:

Getting around on the auction page


If you are going to bid, you will need to register.

Once you are on the auction page, click “Auction Details” in the upper right corner to see how the auction works.

To go back to the auction page, click the blue line across the top of the page, “Connecting for Our Kids Fund, NCF Online Auction.  Anytime you get confused, you can come back to the Auction page by clicking this ribbon.

You can search by category or item number.

To bid, choose an item.  If it is your first bid, you will need to enter charge card information.  This will be used only if you are the highest bidder.

Make your bid.  You will see the current minimum bid you will need to make, but can increase it as you want.

Keep track of the bids by going back to this page.

Good Luck.   

Bid for the Kids!


Auction ends Monday, Oct 3rd, 9:00 PM CDT.  Keep checking the auction site the next couple of days to see new items (Sort by the item number). 


Please help us reach our community and beyond, share this message. Send it out as quickly as possible to all your social media sites and lists.  And ask them to keep it moving forward.  Tell people about this website where they can get the auction link. Our Facebook page, Connecting for Our kids, also has the link.


Thank you. 

Monetary Donations

A special thanks to Liberty Storage and Not Rocket Science for their work in preparing us for the event.

A donation of any amount can be made to benefit the camps. To make a donation of any amount by credit card, click here.

Make a difference in these children's lives.

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